Admission Management

Normally, admission management team handles the entire admission process from enquiry, set-up, listing and admitting student to paperwork & storage manually, involving large amount of workforce and cost making it hard for institutions working on shoestring budget. To overcome and manage this challenge, Edmatix developed an efficient web-based user-driven software, which empowers schools/colleges to manage all admission operations digitally entering student data into ERP reducing manpower and time. 

Key features of Edmatix Admission Management Software: 

  • Digital records 
  • Centralized database 
  • Online application/enquiry forms 
  • Admission/registration details 
  • Detailed enrollment information 
  • Batch allotment 
  • Student certificates storage 
  • Student ID card generation 
  • Customization checklists 
  • Admission alerts 
  • Automated follow-ups 
  • Online payment gateway solution 

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