Cafeteria Management

Global corporate working environment has driven a large portion of institutes operate their own cafeteria for their staff and students. There are times when dealing the cafeteria can be a hefty process because of the menu, attendance and consumption. Executing all these procedures manually can often leads to inaccurate results and wastage of time. To prevent this loss and to have a hassle-free transaction, one should have an automated cafeteria management software which is more effective and profitable for the school. 

Edmatix offers a secure cloud-based Cafeteria Management Software, which streamlines menu planning, sales, billing operations, expenditure and generates customization reports for your cafeteria. Our ERP Software helps you track everything starting from placing an order to delivery, effectively and effortlessly. 

The top-notch features are here below: 

  • Integrates with school portal 
  • Preserves student/staff database 
  • Convenient layout 
  • Creates menu with custom rates 
  • Token management 
  • Maintains list of perishable items 
  • Smart card compatible 
  • Add-ons for online payments 
  • Eliminates accounting mistakes 
  • Fast and secure process 
  • Comprehensive report generation – Dues wise/ Items wise/ Date wise/ Category wise 


Empower your School with Edmatix SmartSchool ERP.

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