Front Office Management

Edmatix Front Office Management Software is an automated ERP module which ensures that all interactions between administration, employees, visitors and outside services run as smoothly as possible. It assists front desk operators/ school receptionists to maintain student inquiry details, track visitors, organize appointments, issue gate passes and aid parents.  This integrated software controls all front-office operations with minimal power, ensuring reliability, accessibility and productivity of the school. 

The top-notch features of Front Office Management Software are here below: 

  • Gate pass management 
  • Visitors register 
  • Issues ID cards 
  • Call register 
  • Telephone directory 
  • Student admission enquiry management 
  • Certificates generation 
  • Document management 
  • Maintain records of all couriers / dispatch 
  • Posts circulars through student/parent portal
  • Better communication among different departments 
  • Inquiry & follow-up management 
  • Smart way of scheduling appointments/meetings 
  • Schedule upcoming events & activities 
  • Meeting and appointments reminders 
  • SMS/notifications alerts
  • Provides reports regarding telephone calls, courier dispatch details, appointment details, event details, certificates collected and issued 

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