Hostel Management

The Hostel Management Software takes care of creating a complete data base about hostel students. It records and maintains data related to hostel admission and fees, room allocation, hostel staff payroll, inventory management, room availability, mess details, number of beds and other hostel facilities.  

With an existing system, it’s difficult for hostel administrators to manage all the details as it requires a lot of staff and paperwork and with zero security for records. To overcome these daily challenges, Edmatix offers an ERP hostel manager, a web-based platform to maintain all details in the single window with utmost security. Records maintained effectively eliminating human errors and time. 

Key features of Edmatix Hostel Management Software: 

  • Automatic room allotment 
  • Room Management 
  • Room status reports 
  • Room wise student list 
  • Hostel inventory details 
  • Warden list 
  • Visitor management 
  • Daily expenses 
  • Hostel ID cards 
  • Access to parents/guardians 
  • Daily attendance 
  • Hostel entry/exit reports 
  • Online Fee collection 
  • Mess bill calculation  
  • Due reports and receipts 
  • Prompt notifications 

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