Library Management

Edmatix library manager is a powerful software that manages all in-house operations of the library through its simple interactive interface. This software allows a librarian to manage all the tasks from purchase of books to its cataloging and maintenance in an organized manner. Our library ERP software provides online integrated information of students to library administrators, empowering smooth network and solid security. 

The other key features of Edmatix Library Management Software: 

  • Easy interface to add, update and search library items 
  • Stock Verification 
  • Acquisition and Cataloging 
  • Book repository 
  • Barcode printer/Scanner 
  • Unique ID generation 
  • Library memberships 
  • Subscription management 
  • Accession Register 
  • Track book status 
  • Overdue lists 
  • Fine register 
  • Notices / Reminders 
  • Customize report generation for library items, inventory, fines etc., 

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