The most enhanced feature set solution in a School and College ERP

In this internet dominating era, everything in the business has gone digital and we are privileged to provide online institute management software, helping institutions go digital and setting an example to the world of digitization. Edmatix created a School Management Software “EDMOS”, using the industry’s best technology stack such as .NET framework, Silverlight, Entity framework, CSLA and Reporting services.

This framework is designed keeping in mind the low internet bandwidth that normally exists at schools and the UI is created keeping in mind the teachers who don’t generally have experience working with PCs. Our UI consistency in all modules makes our application very intuitive and easy to operate. The year and school granular job-based security permit you to control your framework access to any level – you can give user step by step and school by school authorizations to various functions in the system. Our School Management Software allows you to give users ‘Read Only’ access to various functions or areas in the application and users can just peruse the data in those areas and cannot edit any records.

Edmatix Student Information System Software is designed by functional experts who are in the education industry for more than 10 years. We make every attempt to completely understand the exact needs of our customers and ensure that our customers ultimately get what they are looking for. Our School ERP Database Management system is very much capable to handle and manage the administrative and academic system of schools and colleges.

Parent Portals:
Parent involvement is crucial to student academic success. The Parent Portal is a tool for you to stay informed and engaged in your child’s education. The Parent Portal gives parents and guardians access to: 

  • View your child’s grades and schedule 
  • Monitor your child’s attendance 
  • Communicate with your child’s teachers 
  • Stay current on homework, projects and deadlines 
  • View contact information 

With our School ERP Software, the school’s administration, as well as student record management, has become easy and systematic. We ensure to provide a methodological approach for the institutions so that all sorts of issues can be catered efficiently. 

Mobile Applications:
Get your hands on our school database management software and make your life simpler! All you need is to download our mobile app that supports all smartphones and use Edmatix anytime, anywhere! Just tap into your account and have all the important information at your fingertips! 

Administrative activities are automated. Data can be easily located with many search options that helps administrators not to waste their precious time. 

  • Operational automation of entire school. 
  • Reduced paper works and increased accuracy. 
  • Multiple browse support including IE, Firefox and Chrome 
  • Module wise dashboard view which gives run time live summary information. 
  • Administrators can generate different types of letters including truancy, bonafide certificates, transfer certificates, discipline and student progress. 
  • Staff Salary Generation & Expenses Management 

Our ERP system software has the capability to ensure a well-ordered working in schools and colleges. 

Edmos is designed with the consideration that teachers should spend very little time on entering the student attendance, grades and managing discipline. 

  • Easy access to attendance, exams and test scores. 
  • Keep Parents up to date with their ward’s progress 
  • Easy to enter discipline referrals. 
  • Easy to print progress reports for the teacher parent meeting. 
  • Easy to print report cards from within the classroom. 


Education ERP software is a coherent solution that helps parents to keep a track of their children’s accomplishments and take necessary steps in enhancing their performance. 

Family access gives the parent peace of mind knowing that at any time they can check their child’s grades, attendance, homework, assignments, discipline referrals and much more. Additionally, Parents can view invoices and pay student fees using the online fee payment gateway. 

  • Easy online access to child’s schedule, attendance, grades, assignments and homework. 
  • Easy online access to child’s discipline referrals. 
  • Quickly receive notifications for child’s lower grades, absents from school and discipline referrals. 
  • Access to school announcements and activity calendar online. 
  • One portal providing access for all family children. 

With our expertise in ERP software solutions, we are thrilled to announce our wide range of products that suffice the needs of a perfect education system. 


Admin Portal

  • Data management
  • Role management
  • Customizable dashboard
  • In-house messaging
  • Multi-school management
  • Custom reporting
  • Event creation/ Conducting polls
  • Easy migration from existing ERP through bulk upload
  • Activity reminders & notifications
  • Structured campus updates
  • School/College gallery management


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Principal Portal

  • Secure access
  • Employee list
  • School strength
  • View academic calendar
  • Access to admission details
  • Access to fee summary
  • View transport details
  • Student/Staff evaluation reports
  • Certificate creation
  • SMS alert verification
  • Class-wise timetable generation
  • Exam timetable verification
  • Student assessment reports
  • Viability to send messages to staff/students/guardians
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Teacher Portal

  • In-house messaging
  • Discussion board
  • Remote access to their classes
  • Upload videos as reference materials
  • Upload/Download assignments
  • Student attendance tracking
  • Discipline management
  • School gallery management
  • Integration with video conferencing
  • Online exams and evaluation
  • Student assessment reports
  • Schedule parent-teacher meetings
  • Regular campus updates
  • Lesson planning management


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Parent Portal

  • Secure parent login
  • Easy to use dashboard, to update their details
  • View progress reports
  • Access to school gallery
  • Video conferencing
  • Campus updates/events
  • Parent-Teacher conferences
  • Academic calendar
  • School directory
  • Access to the list of subjects, student’s timetable and attendance
  • Online payment gateway
  • Notifications & newsletters
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Student Portal

  • Smart homework
  • Academic calendar
  • Discipline management
  • Effective collaboration
  • Discussions module
  • Online examination system
  • Comprehensive information
  • Virtual classes
  • Grade reports
  • Smart attendance
  • Integrated content library
  • Live recording of sessions for reuse


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