Need Support? We’ve Got You Covered!!

Being close to the customer and monitoring their satisfaction has always been our top priority. It’s not just a feature we offer, but a commitment to ensure things go smoothly.

Painless Data Migration

We empower clients to have a short lead time for moving from the traditional ERP to the cloud-based ERP. On account of our sorted procedure, we identify all the required data sources, data feeds, validation checks, data mapping and help clients easily relocate from legacy structures to more adaptable and easier-to-use ERP Software.

Data Security & Backup

No compromising on security is what makes Edmatix tick. We make sure to include all the security features like role-based access, centralized database, enterprise-level encryption, most secured cloud storage, multiple daily and monthly backups to protect each level of data appropriately.


The goal of Edmatix implementation is ensuring the satisfaction of management by fulfilling their requirements which are committed. We assist you in
Onsite Training, Role-Based Training, Remote Support Training
Personal Training to administrative staff/ teachers/ parents to make them independent in maintaining and running the application.

Free Demo’s

We prefer live demo with our clients providing clear insights regarding different modules of the software, eliminating perplexities and saving time.

Dedicated Lifetime Support

Support is baked into our culture and is not limited to short on-boarding period. We provide personal support to clients with professional staff working round the clock ensuring customer receive technical assistance whenever necessary. This includes
Technical Support
Remote Assistance
Network Support
Hardware Analysis and Support

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