It is often said hard work is the real key to success.

But in an overwhelmingly digital & competitive era, does smart work is really the need of the hour?

Emphatically yes.

Working hard pays off, but it stresses you out, costs you money. On the contrary, working smart yields results in lesser time frame reducing costs and pressure.

A smart school is one such solution, introducing smart technology in schools & colleges, which empowers students have an exciting, fun and engaging learning experience making educational institutions more agile.

What are Smart Schools?

In short, smart schools are technologically enhanced schools that make the teaching-learning and administrative process more productive and well-organized.

Compared to typical traditional schools, smart schools use advanced Curriculum, Student Management Software, Assessment and Innovative Teaching Methods offering better learning opportunities for students and reducing teacher/management workload.

Top Benefits of Smart Schools & School Management Software

  1. Students Enjoy It

In today’s digital age, kids are increasingly becoming tech addicted and there is no point in educational institutions clinging on to outdated teaching practices, killing student’s interest before its even born. This is where digital devices like laptops, tablets and teaching sessions via PowerPoint presentations and virtual helps creating an interactive environment and is better received by students.

These digital practices ensure no dull moment in the classroom and regardless of whether they’re blunt or timid, children find it fun and engage efficiently.

  1. Improves Student Collaboration

Fortunately, most of the technology-based tasks involve group projects which encourages collaboration skills among students. They will seek help from their peers in need, or, will assist others if they are more technologically advanced. This allows students to communicate more often and learn from each other empowering classroom participation and student growth.

  1. Promotes Paper-Free Education

Smart schools allow digital recording and digital note-making resulting zero paper use and the administrative tasks are now hassle-free with minimal paper works. This is indeed an environment friendly move.

  1. Everyone gets the Opportunity to Learn at their Own Pace

Everyone has their own journey in learning, some may find it easy while some people struggle. They learn in different ways and at different paces. However, in most classrooms, teachers don’t get the opportunity to deal with all the children and respond to every student need. But smart schools have a benefit to customize learning for each student’s needs and skills. The teacher can structure a learning plan for every individual based on how he learns and what his aptitudes are. This process helps students improve their learning standards and teachers meet their child needs.

  1. Easy Maintenance

With smart schools, students no longer require a lot of educational items such as books, bags, pens etc for their studies, all they need is a PC and a couple of accessories which they could use for quite a long time. Moreover, smart administration helps management handle and monitor all admin related tasks efficiently and instantly reducing costs and time. This helps students & management keep expenses to the bare minimum.

  1. Prepare Students for the Digital World

One can’t deny the fact that technology and gadgets are controlling today’s world and learning how to use it is prominent for everyone. So, incorporating it into classroom makes a lot of sense.

  1. Parents are Better Informed

Despite their busy schedules, parents should spend some time monitoring their children’s activities and interactions frequently. Schools with an all-in-one school management software like Edmatix can do this by interacting with parents more efficiently and keeping them up to date. This software enables teachers and other school staff track student behavior and help parent to get the firsthand information about any incident their children are involved. Smart schools provide dedicated parent portals, where they can submit documents online, communicate directly with teachers and stay on track with latest policies, announcements and updates.

  1. Boost Productivity

With automated processes and digital assignments saving teachers valuable time and energy, they can spend more time with students to accomplish better results leading to improved productivity.

If you’d like to personally experience the benefits of using technology in classroom, you’re welcome to try ours.

Hussam Mohammed

Hussam Mohammed

UI/UX Designer

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