MazikEd – Virtual Classroom App

At Mazik, we’ve created a user-friendly app that helps Teacher’s connect with Students through Virtual Team meeting and conduct their classes as per their schedule

We have used Microsoft K-12 accelerator as a platform and enhanced its capabilities to enable Virtual Classroom Software, this app empowers teachers to conduct virtual sessions with students and help them to excel in their studies.

Manage Virtual Classroom

Teacher can view their daily and weekly schedule of virtual sessions which has information about their Grade / Program and Course section, the Class schedule is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Team calendar which will notify teachers to start their virtual session as per schedule

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Create Virtual Meeting

Teacher’s are empowered to create virtual sessions for the entire classroom or for selected students which will help them manage their students individually as part of a personalized education program.

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Lesson Planning

Each virtual session is associated with the topic as per Lesson Planning Management by the administration to keep track of the curriculum timeline.

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Student Portal

This portal helps students to join virtual session conducted by their teacher with information about the topic which will be covered in the session.

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Students will get notified of their virtual sessions to ensure their attendance and keep themselves abreast with their studies.

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This app help School to manage their announcement for Teachers and Students separately, Users will be well informed of any important announcement made by school authorities and act accordingly.

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