Top 5 Features that made Edmatix Virtual Classroom Software Successful

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Edmatix Virtual Classroom Software


The era of digital disruption in the education sector has finally arrived. As the world is yet adapting & coping with the new normal created by COVID-19 pandemic, both parents and teachers are stressed over their child’s academic fall and concerned about how kids will have a tough time acclimating to the school’s environment once they resume.

With Covid-19 concerns growing, all the educational institutions have been closed in several countries to curb the spread of the infection. This drove kids spending more time at home away from academics, which became a major concern for parents who are working from home.

When we were children, we have grown up in the world which was very different to todays. There is no involvement in technology then, from school diaries, fee payments to teachers’ appointments, everything was relied on human. But now, we became increasingly reliant and absorbed in technology, where School Management Software’s like Edmatix (our own), has supplanted all manual or spreadsheet-based jobs with one single database supporting all academic and back office chores efficiently.

We didn’t stop there. To sustain the teacher’s enthusiasm alive among the children and to keep kids academically engaged in the times of COVID-19, and to the fact that even after the current closure is lifted, education industry primarily rely on online education, we have developed a Virtual Classroom App powered by K-12 Accelerator and Microsoft Teams, an online platform which help students learn the same way when they were in schools. That’s cool, isn’t it?

This tool, MazikED – Virtual Classroom App is now Live on Microsoft Business App Source, and our customers are overjoyed with the outcome. We received a lot of glowing reviews from them, expressing the outstanding features that made Edmatix stand apart from others in the market and aided in becoming super successful. Here they are.

  • Easy Administration

Edmatix Virtual Classroom App permits you to set-up and access the live session on-the-go on any device and from any browser. It doesn’t ask for additional bulky software or plugins. One can schedule, manage, monitor and record live sessions with single click. This is one such easy-to-use platform, that even Non-technical users won’t battle to work.

  • Security and Compliance

Protecting customer’s data is our top priority. Alongside the cutting-edge cloud security, our software provides two-factor authentication, a method of re-affirming your identity. This is an extra layer of protection to prevent unauthorized access and secure your information.

  • “Raise the hand” Feature

Our E-learning software has a HAND RAISING tool, which helps students to notify teachers, when they wish to speak or when they have an inquiry. They can just simply tap on the hand icon on the toolbar to use this feature. This feature boosts class participation, including improved grades and stronger relationships with speakers.

  • Advanced Digital White On-boarding

The staple of Edmatix Virtual Classroom Software is the Digital whiteboard with a full-screen mode, which makes it easy for teachers to explain topics to students. This is an advanced virtual whiteboard that comes with a variety of tools, which permits you to upload files, save snapshots, type text, sketch, draw, illustrate, show diagrams and images, everything you would do on a standard classroom whiteboard.

  • Integrated to MS-Teams

Our Virtual Platform is in collaboration with Microsoft on Teams, PowerApps and Dynamics 365 for the effective management of needs of students, staff and administration. One can schedule class, assignments, track live attendance, monitor & analyse reports with Microsoft Teams and send quick notifications to keep teachers/parents better informed.

There are so many other exceptional features that make Edmatix Virtual Classroom Software unique, in its own way. Indeed, even our partner speaks same, Yes, we are greatly amazed, honored and pride to state this, that Sara Nagy, Principal Program Manager – Industry Engineering @Microsoft have recently shared her feedback stating that this is the best software that help students and teachers scramble to online learning effortlessly.

What Are You Waiting For?

Come check it out for yourself and enjoy using this new feature to build a happy and healthy learning environment for kids till they return to schools.

Until then, Stay Home, Stay Safe and Keep the Learning Going!!




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